One of the leading interior design companies in the State of Libya, Betty specializes in providing the largest project plans and interior and exterior design services. Select from our wide range of exterior designs to suit you like designs inspired by Islamic architecture, Middle Eastern, and so on.

Let us offer you an interior and exterior design for your own office, with the help of our designers from Betty, your partners to carry out your business to the fullest.

bayti believes that the superb design and selection of the right furniture increases the success of your project and its reputation and prestige attract more customers to your restaurant through its unique designs. We are distinguished as one of the best interior and exterior design companies in Libya.

We are a company specialized in providing interior and exterior finishing services, based in Benghazi, experts in finishing luxury residential projects and others.

bayti provides the finest decoration and bedroom designs, stylish furnishings and much more. The picture of the house can not be completed without a stunning kitchen. The design of the houses can not be completed without the presence of a wonderful council where the loved ones meet. We specialize in designing the boards in a traditional and first-class manner.