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With Eku 66 TT High Performance the evolution of Eku doors and windows has achieved even better thermal insulation parameters

Eku 66 TT HP - render 2The designing of Eku systems has reached the objective of combining design with very high performance thanks to the use of new materials and technologies.
The key features of the Eku 66 TT HP line are lightness, luminosity, weather resistance, intruder resistance, thinner profile section (66 mm frame) and very high thermal performance made possible via the use of bars, seals and insulating inserts all made using new very low lambda materials.

These features make Eku 66 TT HP doors and windows ideal for the most varied and versatile architectural applications. Everything is accurately designed, down to the smallest detail, to increase living comfort and reduce energy costs without affecting security, sound reduction and weather resistance.

The vast application potential of Eku 66 TT HP makes this product fully compatible with any architectural context while ensuring comfort, security, resistance, energy saving, heat and sound insulation. Even its load-bearing potential is excellent, allowing it to be fitted with any kind of single or double glazing shatterproof glass.

By using the supplementary Eku 66 TT HP tilt and turn kits, the highest intruder resistance classes are achieved. Eku doors and windows can be customised by choosing from two types of shaping, rounded or squared, and from a rich assortment of finishes and colours ranging from a palette of RAL colours to special wood-effect or steel-effect finishes, in perfect harmony with modern trends.

Performance of Eku 66 TT High PerformanceEku 66 TT High Performance

  • sample casement consisting in a 1230×1480 mm single pane window, with insulated glazing having Ug = 1.0 W/m2K and Psi = 0.05 W/mK provides a thermal transmittance value Uof 1.27 W/m2K.
  • sample casement consisting in a 1535×1480 mm double pane window, with insulated glazing having Ug = 1.0 W/m2K and Psi = 0.05 W/mK provides a thermal transmittance value Uw of 1.35 W/m2K.
  • Sound reduction Rw = 45 dB.
  • Air permeability: Class 4.
  • Water tightness: Class E1500.
  • Wind load resistance: Class C5.

Strong points of Eku 66 TT High Performance

  • Exceptional heat insulation and excellent energy efficiency.
    The lowest profile thermal transmittance values (Uf) of its category. Low-emissivity insulated glazing with two or three glass panes.
  • High resistance, maximum security.
    A window system that fully meets sound reduction, weather performance and intruder resistance requirements.
  • Thinner profiles for larger glazing surfaces.
    (Starting from 48 mm) results in larger glazing surface and greater natural light penetration..